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For many years this was a highly structured site, with frames and long lists of what I do.  In this revised version I'll just show you.

Building Things

So first off I work with all levels of electronic circuit design:

Teensy-weensy PCB adapter circuits

Unique packaging solutions

Compact portable IF designs

          2-channel LF noise detector.                           Ready to ship

Bread boarded prototype, schematic and results

Shipping & Receiving

and package stuff up in a secure, battery-operated, off-the-shelf chassis.  More than one?  No problem, quotation furnished with reasonable price breaks.

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Finding Stuff
Formally known as Purchasing, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, but actually it's the art of finding:

And that's it.  Design, build, test, package and ship.

Do it Yourself? 

Finding a circuit to do a job - Google Images.  Sure, most schematics are images.  So let's try it.  I need to have a circuit that will sense the temperature and control something: shut the blinds when the sun shines directly in or when it gets cold outside, start a fan, and so on.  So here is that request sent to Google Images. 

 Of course you can't just take the first circuit you come to, buy some parts and the job is done.  Each of the circuits shown will cause something to happen with a change in temperature, but the amount of current a given circuit can furnish versus the power need of the device need the match.  That's where people in my line come in.

Here are links for some current writing and the DIY movement.



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