The Writings & Thoughts of Grandpa Jim*
(*That's Jim Never-at-a-loss-for-words Jardine)

Some Silly, Short, Sensible Stories *

Gathered and garnered from various recesses of my mind over the decades

This is a collection, but not necessarily in the sense of a coin or doll collection. That sort of collection implies things that fit into specific categories. Many of the things that you find on this site are of the non-sequitur type, no pattern, diverse and random. Of course there is a common theme: I wrote them all!

So, they are Silly because I can find humor in most things, and especially sacred cows and other societal road kill.

But Sensible? Sounds nice in the page title, but why?* Why would an iconoclastic curmudgeon give a shit about 'sensible'? OK, I got it! They made sense to me at the time I posted them, and one of my specialties is approving stuff I think up. And if that’s sensible to you, and you're still here, I can go on.

And finally Stories. Talk about broad definitions. ‘Story’ covers just about everything I've ever put together, even when I was a little kid. I recall my granddad saying, "That's quite a story." when I started a grass fire in the field and tried to blame it on the kid across the street. Then there’s, “What’s his story?”

The blame for having some of this stuff can be placed squarely on my mom's shoulders. She never threw anything away and as a result she would occasionally find an old toy or a drawing or a paper from a 3rd grade class and ship it to me. Well, to be honest, it was my sister: she took the stuff away from Mom and sent it to me to get it out of her house.

So, in a sense, that's what I'm doing now, taking all sorts of old stuff and sending it out on line to get it out of my files and out of my mind.

Of course this brings it full circle, because that's what my wife, Ana, tells me a couple of times a week, "You're out of your mind!"

* I like alliterative titles.

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The Other Side of Birds


Gulls Ride the Bus Songs




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