Jim and Ana Ruth's Travel Page

An informal collection of our travels, put up mostly for our own convenience, because it is cheaper than printing and sending pictures to everyone to throw away!

This started with a trip to New York for a wedding in September of 2007, and I've been adding stuff as we go along.  Some day I might even get ambitious and list our older trips.

Because I write webpages, I use a table-based HTML layout to print out pages for our travel albums here at home.  This format yields webpages by default so it is an easy step to do a bit of modifying and post the trips.


New York 2007 

Before and during this trip we had a spate of weddings, from August 16 thru September 29.  The wedding pictures are not annotated and will only remain here for a few months, so please download before too long.

Before the trip: 

The New York trip - fall 2007

Spain & The Canary Islands - winter 2007 - the Atlantic crossing

Aruba - 2008 - somewhere in the to-do queue!

Africa 2009 An OAT trip to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe

Italy, Malta, Tunisia - 2009 - coming up - stay tuned!

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Countries and Places we've Visited

Languages attempted


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