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Welcome aboard the Star Cruiser Jardine.  Nothing on this site is run-of-the mill.  Even if you don't find it right away, I have connections or experience with: auto repair, backpacking, beer drinking, beer making, birding, bluegrass, canasta, carpentry, chicken farming, circuit design, classical guitar, computers, cooking, country guitar, dairy farming, drafting, electronic bread boarding, electronic filters, electronics, ESP, family history, flamenco guitar, French, German, grand kids, great-grand kids, harmonica, high IQ societies, hiking, imported machinery, Italian, kids, languages, Latino culture, light manufacturing, linguistics, mandolin, microprocessors, military, music, off-beat theories, organizing, photography, plumbing, police, Portuguese, printed circuit design, printer repair, programming, prototyping, purchasing, sci-fi, Scottish culture, short stories, Spanish, synchronicity, travel, vegetable gardening, web searching, writing...and other things as I recall them or start doing them!

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