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Athletic Trophies and Awards

The chart below gives some idea of the sequence and event that our trophies have been awarded for over the years.  This will surely have some corrections when reviewed, but it is a fair and accurate - with current information - start.  All of the trophies (click on the links for a recent, and not too great, picture of each trophy) are perpetual, so the winner can keep them for a year and return them before the next Games.

Because of this we give we give out carved wooden plaques which show first thru third places and are the "keepers."  As I have given these out for the last couple of years I should know all of this, but the best calculation I can give is 52 plaques.  Some categories get only one: Keith Tice Hammer, Peninsula Plating Best American Athlete, McClure Amateur Caber and John Milne Best Amateur hammer.  Then there are plaques with no associated trophy: 40-49 Masters WOB, 50+ Master caber and 40-49 Masters Caber.  

This year (2002) AD Steve Conway decided to give additional keeper awards in the form of a nice little silver cup with a Celtic design in them, and they were awarded to the aggregate winners of all classes.

The trophy history is rather easy to understand if you are P.C. Malcolm Ramsay, because he developed it and has always been good at soliciting new trophies from associated groups. To me it has been a nightmare, but each year I feel a little more confident.  In 2001 I had a "great idea", using labels that I printed from my computer.  Description, Class, etc. great!   Until the sun hit them.  I was out there pulling off the labels and using a handkerchief and my fingers to get the adhesive off of the hot surfaces before it really set up.  My plan for 2003 is fairly simple:  learn all of it by writing this article and paying more attention to what is going on.  Cross your fingers!

A Chart of the Caledonian Club of San Francisco Heavy Events Trophies
Click on the links in the left-hand column for pictures.  Most show the winners over the years.

Name Description First Awarded or in Program and other notes
(Temporary trophy) Masters 40-49 Champion 2002
Ballentine's (Century Cup) Trophy Best Open Caber Toss, U.S. Championships - Sunday 68 (and earlier) thru 1999 when it becomes J. D. McGoldrick Trophy.  The words Century Cup are found in programs up to 1973.
Betty Welch Trophy Women’s Heavy Events Champion 1992 on
Bill Anderson Masters Trophy Masters Heavy Events Champion 1992 on
Clan McNab Class A Heavy Events Champion 1984 on, starts as A then B and stops in 2001 when B Class stops
Cletus Abbott Memorial Trophy Women’s Weight for Height Champion 1997-8 as Women's Weight for Height Trophy, named for Cletus Abbott in 99
Horace Crow Jr. Memorial Trophy U.S. Invitational Wt. for Height Champion-Amateur Class 1992 on
J.D. McGoldrick Trophy U.S. Invitational Open Class Caber Toss Champion was Ballentine's
James Teague Memorial Trophy Women’s Caber Champion 1997 as Women's Caber Trophy, named for James Teague in 98
John Elliot Memorial Trophy One mile run In programs from 1960-85,  and back 1 year in 94 only
John Milne Trophy Class A Hammer Champion (total points, both hammer competitions) 1983 on
John Ross Masters Caber Trophy Masters Caber Champion 1997 on
Keith Tice Memorial Trophy Open Hammer Champion (total points, both hammer competitions) 1989 on
McClure Caber Trophy Best Class A Amateur Caber Toss (Saturday) 1960 as "Winner of Caber Toss." and later Amateur Caber Toss
McVitie’s Trophy U.S. Invitational Heavy Events Champion-Amateur Class 1972 on.   Was first called "Best Athlete in Scottish Events - Throwing Hammer, Putting Stones, Throwing 28lb. and 56lb. Weights."
P.C. James Jacobs Memorial Trophy Masters Weight for Height Champion 1997 on
P.C. Malcolm MacDonald Memorial Trophy 440 yard dash In programs from 1960-85,  and back 1 year in 94 only
P.C. Thomas P. Wicklow Trophy U.S. Invitational Open Class Wt. for Height Champion started between 1973 and 1983
Peninsula Plating Trophy Best U.S. Athlete 1984 on missing in 89
Thomas M. Ogg Trophy U.S. Invitational Open Class Heavy Events Champion 1985 on
William Gordon Trophy U.S. Invitational Caber Toss Champion-Amateur Class started between 1973 and 1983
Caledonian Club Trophy Winning Team in AAU National Junior 30 km Race 1968 only

Trophy count over the years, according to available programs.

1960    5
1968    5
1971    4
1972    5
1973    5
1983    8
1984    10
1985    11
1989    9
1990    9
1992    13
1993    13
1994    15
1995    13
1996    13
1997 thru 2002    17

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