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The U. S. Open Heavy Events Championship Records

The actual records may be quite dry to some people, but they give a picture that words can only hint at.  At the same time they are a mere abstraction of what happened on any given year in the heat of the California summer when a bunch of guys got together and throw around rocks, hammers and sticks.

This edition includes:

You will find a few inconsistencies in the first couple of years, but these are due to the swiftly changing scenario of no Amateur division in 1975, the introduction of the 26# braemar stone in 1980 and other little glitches that are annotated on the charts, but cannot be on the graphs.

The records are presented in the following formats:

HTML tables which are linked from the text for easy reference in any given year.  They are divided up into five-year chunks so that they will fit on your screen without too much panning and for ease of printing if you desire.

To easily access the five-year segment for the area you are reading in, simply click on the word "Class" in the upper left corner of the winners' chart found in each year in the main history article.

Database files for the computer nerds that like to play with data.  Here's an Excel file (prints out in four landscape pages).  And this will give you a file that can be read into most data bases, called a .csv or comma-separated variable file, where all of the vertical lines are converted to commas.

Charts, one for all non-hammer throws and the other for hammers only.  The scales are so different that braemar throws would all appear the same on the same graph as the hammers.

NonHammer-2.jpg (137647 bytes) Non hammers << Hammers-S.jpg (110427 bytes) Hammers <<

These two images are scans of the printed graphs of the above data.  Well, it isn't quite that simple, because you can't plot names and strange stuff such as 14' 6.5", so all text has to be removed and the distances converted to decimal feet.  Of course you don't have to do that, because I already did!  Now, just in case you would like to see and even re-graph the data on your own, the original data (in decimal feet) is here in two Excel files: hammers and non-hammers.


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